Friday, November 19, 2010

Hello Reality

In response to a request from Hundreds (Joe Hundreds, who lived down the hall from me, Sophomore year), I'm posting another one of the shows we produced at KTP at Rutgers University.

This one is Hello Reality, the brainchild of the late Bill-Dale Marcinko.  Bill was kind of a mad genius.  When he approached the programming knuckleheads at KTP way back in 1979 (me, Larry and Jerry), we knew we wanted a comedy show.  We already had created a game show, a news show, a music show and a magazine show.

Comedy was going to take a bit more to put together.

Bill already had come up with scripts for four half-hour episodes.  So, knowing a gift horse when it looked us in the mouth, we immediately said YES!

The show was edgy, even in those pre-historic days.  Got Jerry called on the carpet in front of the administration for a little sketch called "The College Suicide Game Show".  

These were in the pre-politically correct days.  National Lampoon and early SNL were setting the tone for humor.  An anything goes environment - irreverence overlaid with putting out four full-length episodes.

Bill is, sadly, no longer with us.

But thankfully we have these incredibly weird glimpses into his head to remember him by.


  1. Laughter is the best medicine! :)

  2. I think it's worth remembering that Billy's sardonicism at the time came more from Martin Mull (Fernwood 2Night, later American 2Night) than necessarily from SNL or NatLamp. Goodness, but he adored Mull in those days. So did I.

  3. Woah nice one! I’m starting to miss my secondary friends too.

  4. It’s good to reminisce the past, everything from beyond even just once in your life. You’ll feel so appreciated and much blessed knowing who among of them stay still 

  5. Haha funny clip! I wonder where is Bill now. As well your other colleagues?

  6. @Icy: Sadly, Bill passed away a few years ago.

  7. It's nice to remember a time when edginess was edginess and all this pc crap was itself fodder to be made fun of...

  8. Thank you for posting - knowing how hard it is to find/preserve old video it's a treat that this survived. Do you have more episodes? My memory is tickled by other bits Bill-Dale did on the show and I'd love to see them again. - David

  9. David - Thanks for this great posting. It was a privilege to have worked with Bill-Dale, Jim, Bob and the rest on this. I haven't see this in 30 years. It's edgy even by today's standard (maybe even more so).

    1. Mark, how great to hear from you! I remember you well and always regretted losing touch. What are you up to these days?