Tuesday, November 2, 2010

First Drew's Day: The Name Game

The second video from DREW'S FAMOUS MAGICAL JUKEBOX is THE NAME GAME.  One of the characters we were asked to create was a guy named "Nick Ad Venture".  Nick was a guy who, presumably, traveled all over the world - although we were never sure if he was always telling the truth.

His "jet pack" is actually a spray painted super-soaker.  

Nick's shtick was giving everybody a "nick" name... and that, of course, led to the old song the "name game".  But it didn't make any sense for Nick to be lip syncing a song obviously sung originally by a woman (not a lot of things made sense on this show, but hey, kid's loved it!).  So instead, Dottie-Dot-Com, the computer lady (check out her old-school monitor and musical keyboard), who also was in love with Drew (it would never work - mixed marriage) was called into double duty to mouth the words for us.

Poor Dottie.  Her face was painted completely green - and you never really got to see how cute the girl playing her was.

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