Monday, November 1, 2010

Network Notes: Lloyd Schwartz & A Very Brady Christmas

From my interview archives, more network notes stories.  This time from Lloyd Schwartz, son of Sherwood.  Sherwood Schwartz, as you may remember, is the man who created Gilligan's Island and The Brady Bunch.  Lloyd worked with him for years on the Brady series, including many of the Brady movies.  

We pick up Lloyd's story just after the airing of the first Brady reunion movie:

"We came up with the idea of A Very Brady Christmas.  So we go and sell that.  And then, this makes me a little sad.  And Dad and I had written it together.  We had written everything together for twenty years by that point.

"But somebody at the network or at the studio said we want Sherwood to write the movie with some woman and they were kicking me out.  

"I was working on a Munsters series at the time.  Sherwood called up and said 'here's what they said.  They want me to write it with some other woman.'

"And I said 'well, that's odd.  How do they know you can even do that.  I've been writing with you."

"This is what they decided."

"I said 'look, my career has a lot of different things.  I do a lot of Brady and Gilligan.  I don't like to be told I can't do Brady.  So just find out where this comes from.

"He said 'fine.'  So Dad calls back in about an hour and a half and he said 'I called them.'  And I said 'what did you say?'

"He said 'well, I didn't ask them the question.'

"I said 'what did you say??'

"He said 'I thought about it.  We've done everything together.  What should you not be on this?'  So I told them to go fuck themselves."

"This is from Shewood Schwartz.  He said 'Go Fuck Yourselves.'"

"I said 'you told them what??'

"He said 'yeah.'

"'And so they called back in five minutes and said they would love to have you write the movie.

"So we wrote A Very Brady Christmas and it was the highest rated movie in two years.

"And they immediately bought more of them, but only on the condition I write it.  That's how our business works."


  1. Wow... it definitely pays to stick to your guns...

    I love the way the story's phrased...

  2. I sent this on to my daughter, the number one Brady Bunch fan.