Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Untold Tales: Jorge Garcia

In the course of interviewing many many many stars, celebs, personalities, I've heard a number of great stories, anecdotes, bon mots.  

So here's one from Jorge Garcia, who played Hurley on Lost:

"The original Hurley was like this 50 year old redneck guy.  and then they saw me in "Curb Your Enthusiasm" where i played a pot dealer who sells pot to Lary David.  and then they went "well, then again- maybe THAT."

And I went in and met the producers and I read sides for Sawyer- which ended up being Josh Holloway's part.  And they ended up writing Hurley for me.  

See, when I got hired, there wasn't even a script written yet.  I just knew JJ Abrams and Hawaii.  And really, that was enough for me.

Lost: The Complete Sixth and Final Season


  1. I like Hurley's character and the actor's portrayal.. Good one!

  2. thats fun, I didn't realize that you could even get a part without a script, someone had to bust their but to get that script ready. That is sweet on his part that show lasted forever.

  3. WOW! Cool you must be very good in any on the spot scenes. You’ve doing it without scripts? Well, you’re more like a pro even if you get hired.