Tuesday, January 25, 2011

First Drew's Day: Guest Column

It's not first Drew's Day till next week, but I asked Robert Anthony Jones, who played Drew, if he wanted to comment on his experience of making the show, lo' those many years ago.  Take it away, Drew.. eh, I mean Robert:

Drew's Famous Magical Jukebox was some of the most fun I ever had performing! Mostly a stage actor, this was my first venture into the tv world. To say I was excited and scared would be an understatement. But, being a young and cheeky buck back then, I threw myself in head first and had a ball. 

Jory Rosen and David Levin were so kind and the whole experience was like being a kid again!! They were so approachable with any ideas I came to with them, and there's some bits I did during rehearsal that actually made the final cut! 

The best part of this entire process is that now I have something to share with my family forever. My mom still gives Drew's Magical Jukebox as gifts! And I get such a kick out of looking back and seeing all the silly fun we had.

And also, Stacey Harris, Miss Stacey on the Dance A Long DVD, has become a dear friend of mine, and we met once upon a time at Drew's Magical Jukebox.

So, thanks to David, Jory, Stacey and all the other friends I made on the set for making this experience such a memorable one!

Thanks, Robert!  See you next Tuesday for another exciting episode of Drew's Magical Jukebox!

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