Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First Drew's Day: Yummy Yummy Yummy

Happy New Year - and welcome to the first FIRST DREW'S DAY of 2011.  

It's time to wake the kids and hide grandma - but you might want to grab a snack for this one - you'll be hungry by the end (if you don't actually lose your appetite first)

Drew and his friends return from their undersea adventure and they're a little hungry.  So there's just time for a trip to the candy shop.  The incredibly talented Robert Anthony Jones plays Drew.  

And take a look at the Candy Man (Jeff Stockberger) ... he'll be back in a few months... or not... kind of.  You'll understand later.  We liked him so much, by the way, when he came in to audition for the part of Drew, that after we couldn't give him the lead, we wrote him into another part.

See you next month with another exciting episode of First Drew's Day!  Next up, Drew gets his hiccups cured by the WITCH DOCTOR!  

(Ooh ee ooh ah ah)

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