Friday, February 4, 2011

Are You Ready For Some SUPERBOWL???

So, how many of you watching the SuperBowl know that it was originally named after Whammo's Super Ball??

Or that the very first one aired on both NBC AND CBS?  Or that both networks ERASED THE TAPE OF THE GAME!?!

Well, neither did I.  Then again, I know almost nothing about sports.  Which is why, I guess, CBS and  MTV counterintuitively hired me to supervise the production of SUPERBOWL UNCENSORED.

The show was produced and directed by Craig Shepherd, with other segments produced by Shannon Marek, Jessica Chesler and Rich Calderon.  And aired on CBS in prime time, the night before the Superbowl in 2001.  (Whew!  Long time ago...)

So why did they bring in a guy like me who didn't know a THING about football (and cared even less?)

The idea was to produce a sports special for people who don't ordinarily watch sports specials.  To bring new people into the tent.  To make it interesting... so that my dad could watch it with my mom and they'd BOTH be entertained.

I just figured if something grabbed MY attention... as well as my football-loving colleagues, that maybe we'd have something special.  And as it was, the show was one of the top 25 rated sports shows of 2001.

Here's a snippet:

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