Tuesday, February 1, 2011

First Drew's Day: Witch Doctor

And a very happy First Drew's Day to you all!

This time, we're pleased to present our little homage to Abbott and Costello.

Huge A&C fans that we are, Jory Rosen (the producer and my co-writer) and I decided to take the title of the song "Witch Doctor" literally.  And with this song, we really had a blast, twisting the whole "which witch is which" thing, with a sandwich thrown in for good measure.  

Robert Anthony Jones was his usual phenomenal self, and did some of the greatest stage hiccuping I've ever seen.  Jeannie Noth scared me half to death when she cackled as Holly Ween, WD.  (These days she's married to Jim Gaffigan)  On the spur of the moment, when I saw the two of them standing side by side with Holly's broom, I thought:  "American Gothic Revisited".  

Once again I got to play with state of the art (circa '98) special effects.  Check out Drew when he swallows the basketballs.  

Of all the music videos we did in this show, this one always makes me laugh the hardest.

Wake the kids - and enjoy!


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