Tuesday, March 1, 2011

First Drew's Day: Rock Around The Clock

And welcome back to our monthly excursion into absurdity - the tribute/homage/parody of vintage children's show.   Yes, once again it's time for First Drew's Day.  First Tuesday of every month, you can let the kids watch the internets for Drew's Famous Magical Jukebox.

And don't forget, if you love it - buy it!  (Just a few more months and we unleash Drew's Dance-Along Party)

Meantime, this is as good a time as any to spotlight the voice work of Matthew Black, who did the voices of BOTH MJ (the magic jukebox) and Tic Toc, the clock.  (Inside info:  if we'd continued the show, I would have lobbied to give him a doctorate, thus naming him Doc Tic Toc.)

So, with apologies to Bill Haley and the Comets... enjoy.


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